SuperStar Mahesh Babu’s latest flick is releasing in cinemas tomorrow May 9th all over the world between huge expectations from the fans and film goers.

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One night I wanted to go to my home town . It was late night. A bus came to the bus stop. The Name written on the board in the Bus was some other town. One Old man asked for the bus that was going to his village. I told him its in the next platform. He thanked me and went away. In my Stand The bus got started and gone and then I realized that it was my bus to get in. From then I came to know that I am suffering from educated illiteracy.






One day a guy returning from school brought an Iris Flower from the class which is distributed all over the school to all the students .

Feeling very happy he reached home and there his parents saw him elated in mood and he drank a cool beverage in the fridge which he usually didn’t like and he ate most of the food in the home and went to sleep without doing homework.

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